About Tibbs

Welcome to the Tibbs Drive-in Theatre!

tibbsdrivein_screencrowdThe Tibbs Drive-In, a family owned and operated business, is located on the southwest side of Indianapolis and is the last standing drive-in of Indianapolis proper. All sound is now transmitted via the FM radio in your vehicle and bringing a portable radio is suggested if you plan on sitting outside of your vehicle. Please show up at least an hour prior to show time to ensure the best possible parking experience. Friday and Saturday nights can be very busy, so be prepared. And remember, “Cash is King” so bring a little cash to help keep lines short.

Pricing Information
13 and up: $11.00 | 4 to 12: $6.00 | 3 and under: Free
(Visa & Mastercard accepted for concession items only)

Tibbs History
united_artists_logoThe Tibbs Drive-in Theatre first opened with only one screen in 1967 by United Artist Theatres, and then in 1972, a second and third screens were added.

Current owners, Ed and Agnes Quilling, purchased the drive-in in 1995 and proceeded to add a fourth screen in 1999. Over the years, the Quillings have made numerous updates to the drive-in such as a new marquee, resurfaced driveways and parking, a remodeled box office, updated restrooms and freshly painted screens to provide the brightest picture possible.

Today, the Tibbs is the only remaining drive-in theatre in Indianapolis, which at one time had as many as 18. With 4 screens to choose from, the drive-in’s capacity now reaches nearly 1600 cars and provides state of the art digital projection and sound for finest movie viewing experience for our patrons.

Photo Gallery
Below is a gallery of a variety of photos of the Tibbs Drive-in.